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About Me

My name is Pernille Baumann and I am the founder of SHIFT Coaching and Consulting. I am originally from Copenhagen, Denmark and have lived abroad most of my life.

I have over 25 years of cross cultural experience, having studied and worked in over 10 countries and 4 continents. My forte is in the field of people development and I have extensive experience working with senior leaders and executives in complex environments.

During my years in the Hospitality Industry I have come to understand the importance of being surrounded by a capable, competent and committed team, as well as a supportive coach who can help navigate the complex maze that is life and work.

I am lucky to be surrounded by a supportive husband and a gorgeous 11-year-old daughter who keeps me on my toes.  I firmly believe in the importance of carving out thinking time during the hectic days we have, and that sports and good food is part of what nurtures the soul and fuels us with energy to conquer our daily challenges.

I help you to unlock and unleash the power within you. Contact us