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SHIFT for sustainable positive change

I help people get clear on who they are and where they need to go. I assist them in  transition in their personal and professional lives so they feel aligned in all areas of life.

I believe the path to a happy and fulfilling life is found through the meaning we desire in life through work we do, our relationship to others and the most important relationship of all, the one with one’s SELF.

I will support you to examine the patterns that operate deep inside you that supports you and identify own patterns that get in the way of your growth. I will challenge you to go beyond yourself and consider what’s possible for you and how you can show up more fully.

I will help you to examine your road blocks, seen and unseen, that hold you back.

I help you to step outside your situation to have a clearer view of the way ahead. With the encouragement, support and accountability I provide as a coach you can SHIFT towards positive sustainable change and where you want to be in life professionally and personally.

In today’s society, which is fast pace and full of new technologies, we often can forget ourselves, our needs and wants. We tend to lose focus as to what is truly  important. Our mind gets cluttered which makes us loose focus and thus results in loss of productivity. As leaders we often have to juggle between getting tasks done versus looking after people, and in the process we have often lost the focus on what is important and needs attention.

I have extensive experience working with senior leaders and executives within complex corporate environments as well as with individuals who wants to refocus.

I am a member of the International Coach Federation and a PCC credentialed coach. The coaching process meets the Ethical Standards of the International Coach Federation ICF.

Executive Transformative Coaching!

Transformative Coaching allows you to experience new awareness, insights and shifts in thinking, to empower you to explore possibilities. This in turn will give you forward momentum, establish accountability and create what is possible and positive.

A good coach will help you move past the stuck feeling and help you get understanding of why. I will help you to step outside your situation to have a clearer view of the way ahead.

I am passionate about people who wishes to maximise  their potential and who are open and ready for self-discovery through reflection and transformative shifts. I will partner with you through a powerful inside out approach in which I promise that I will ask boldly but respectfully,  I will listen deeply, I will challenge but remain supportive and I promise authentic presence!

How it works:

Individual sessions through Zoom or Skype

Tailor made packages to suit your needs and fit your busy day.

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